Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Geiranger is a town located at the very end of the Geiranger fjord. This fjord is rated as the best cared for UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is a narrow fjord surrounded by tall mountains. On the way to the town of Geiranger we must have passed at least a thousand waterfalls and a hundred villages dotting the shores. The entire journey from entering the fjord to the end of the fjord, where the town of Geiranger is located, took about four hours.  As we arrived at Geiranger  a thousand feet long dock unfolded and came to meet the ship. I have never seen such a dock during my 23 cruises. Geiranger's population of 250 exploded as 4,000 tourists from two cruise ships landed there. We have observed that all these towns are well equipped to handle the tourists with tour buses, cafes, gift shops, and guides. This town of 250 had a small supermarket selling all kinds of items, including some Indian spices and sauces. It was a supermarket, which had a pharmacy, toy store, post office, and cafe in that relatively small space. We took a bus trip to the top of a nearby mountain to get the views. Here  a brave young lady was taking off the 4,500 feet tall peak on her hang glider.

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